IDC University Campaign

By J Media Global. Design & Creative - Liron Markovich

GIF Ads That Convert to Sales. Everytime!

The message in IDC’s ad campaign, with its strong contrast and bold colors, is very clear to understand. The user can communicate with the school’s professors directly and easily. In this 500 x 500 pop-up ad example, the usage of a clear title, professors’ photo and name, and bold call to action all contributed to the campaigns noteworthy success, as measured by the significant increase in click-throughs to their landing page.

Email Newsletter

This email campaign was directed toward both new and existing students. The approch for the email was more personal, therefore the message was simplified, and limited to the strongest value points that IDC offers. The inclusion of four CTA’s and an abundance of useful content (such as the number of students and easily accessible professors), students’ interest level was raised. The newsletter was an excellent contributor to the overall success of IDC’s campaign.

All Roads Lead to the Landing Page!

This landing page began as an idea concerning how to get smarter, more targeted leads. I sat with JMG IDC’s account manager and presented her a two stage idea: The first stage was to show the future students that they would be able to send questions directly to an actual professor and recive an actual video answer. The second stage was to let the students know they can return to the landing page via email when an answer was ready for them.

Supporting this idea with the right content and also testimonials made this campaign very successful, confirmed by the abundance of leads generated. The students responded well to the page’s data, and the ability to ask a professor questions directly was especially well received.

The landing page that you see above is the second page, which allows the user to ask more questions, and also displays the answer to their first question in video form.

Ephraim Manshari

Account Manager/Business Development at (J-Media Global)

"Liron was a pleasure to work with during our time together. I learnt much from his breadth of design experience as well as accomplishing much together in new media spaces!"

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