Moriah Remodeling

By Liron Markovich

Moriah Social Facebook Ads

Moriah’s Facebook ads were the first stage of the funnel and a key element of driving traffic to their landing page. With smart copywriting, clean imagery, and using positive keywords such as “Affordable”, “Your dream home”, and “Love”, this landing page was highly successful.

Moriah Landing Page

This landing page was the last stage of the funnel. The page’s main goal was to compel the user to leave their contact information for future communication purposes. I achieved this by maintaining the correct visual imagery and catchphrases, but also by adding a number of video testimonials of loyal customers.

Simha Saida

CEO Moriah Remodeling & Constraction

"I worked with Liron for about a year on several designs that include marketing email templates, display banners and landing pages. I highly recommend Liron. He did a great job on the design and transferring the message to our customers."

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